Sunday, 27 September 2015

Simple Existence.

State Champs last night was insane.

First up was ROAM. These guys live not too far from my hometown and, although I've listened to their music, I have never seen them live. But they were so good! I came in just after their set had started and for the first support act, they really got the crowd going.

Second was Knuckle Puck. 
I saw Knuckle Puck for the first time about 6 months ago with Neck Deep and I fell in love. This tie they were just as good. I had second row by the time they came on (I'm really good at getting to the front at gigs) and I had such a good view.

Finally, State Champs.
Ok, this is where things start to get insane.

Before I start I need to state this- I’ve never been to that venue and I highly doubt I’ll be going back (apart from when I see tssf but thats because I’ve already got tickets and they’re my loves)
Security were incredibly unhelpful and rude to a boy I was with whilst we were waiting in the queue. All he did was ask a question about his ticket...

And then during State Champs, a security man pushed the girl standing next to me over. Like literally pushed her onto the floor and then her boyfriend (I assume it was her boyfriend) started a fight with the bouncer and State Champs had to stop their set to make sure everyone was ok.
They even said multiple times on stage that they would not be coming back to that venue.

I didn't really get many decent photos but I got a couple of videos which I'm going to upload to my instagram.

It's a shame things got a bit ruined, but apart from the dickheads of security, it was a really good night.
ROAM and Knuckle Puck were amazing and State Champs never fail to put on an amazing show.

Also, I'm so excited to hear State Champs' new album!!! 
These guys are quickly becoming one of my favourites!
Much Love.
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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Review | My Little Box September 2015

Can you believe it's been a whole year since My Little Box started delivering to the UK?!
Time flies. And MLB have definitely not lost any of my love.
Throwback to my first ever review for them!
My first review was full of me being nervous and excited (I had never really done any reviews as in-depth as that) I took a long time writing that post, and since then I've always been so excited for MLB to arrive. Not just because they are constantly filled with beautiful items, but also, I really enjoy writing these blog posts.

Last September's box was an introduction to French beauty box and all things Parisian.  This year, MLB have taken inspiration from the fashion world.
Obviously, September is the time of the year when some of the most famous cities play host to beautiful clothes, miles of catwalks and fashion darlings have an absolute ball.
Oh yes, Fashion Weeks.

Monday, 14 September 2015

I'm Feeling 22!!

In the words of Taylor Swift; I'M FEELING 22!

I actually turned 22 on the 3rd, but there's been a lot going on recently which is why I haven't been blogging so much. 

Of course, being 22 means I will be listening to Tay's "22" waaaay too much over the course of the next year. Luckily for me, my mum quite likes Taylor so I'm good to play it lots.

This year I'm going to work on becoming a healthier more positive version of myself. I won't go into on here, but I've basically put my body through a lot over the past 6/7 years. But I'm learning what makes me feel good and what doesn't. 

Here's to being healthy and happy. 
Here's to being 22!
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Monday, 31 August 2015

I'm In All The Echoes That Have Faded Out.

I swear I've done more than this but I can't find them.....
But anyway, here's a little Jack and Sally mash up that I did the other day. Inspired by the lovely MadeYewLook on youtube (Seriously, check her out!)
My scanners still playing up. It keeps putting these weird black smudges on the photos/work I scan in. I've tried my best to get rid of it, but it's still kind of there.

I'm half way through a River Phoenix piece as well which I've stopped for now as I was just getting frustrated with it.  Hopefully I'll have finsihed him by next month. I've been wanting to draw River for ages now. But I can't get his cute little button nose right or his eyes, and it's driving me mad.

Much Love.
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Friday, 28 August 2015

Second Home.

Yeah, we went back to Cornwall...

Haha! My mum surprised with a trip down to Perranporth.
My cousins from yorkshire were also going there for a holiday. One of my cousins, Jodie, happens to also be my best friend. Unfortunately, we don't get to see each other too much as we live 6 hours drive apart.
Let's just say that both of our parents surprised us and we had so fun skating around Newquay and surfing down on Perranporth. My Brother gave her, her brother and her boyfriend a surf as none of them had ever done it before.

I didn't take many photos this time. Maybe I should go back....

I'm starting to spend more time in Newquay than I do my own hometown.
I'm okay with that!
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Friday, 14 August 2015

Review | My Little Box August 2015

My Little Box Tiiiiime!!

For August, MLB have carried on with last month's summer roadtrip theme. Teaming up with Antik Batik, to bring you a box filled with bohemian goodies! Let's go!!

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Feeling Young, Being Dumb.

If you know me, then you'll know I'm a big fan of One Tree Hill. I have been since I was 13.
It finsihed a couple of years ago *sniff* but it had a pretty impact on my life. That sounds strange right? A tv show had a big impact on my life? Well it did. It taught me alot. Basically helped me through high school and, so far, my 20's. It also introduced me to a ton of music.

Two of the artists OTH introduced me to: Tyler Hilton and Kate Voegele.

Sunday night saw them co-headline my favourite venue- Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms.

I actually saw Tyler Hilton headline there about 18 months ago now but I've never seen Kate live.

Both of them we're perfect. Made conversations with random people in the crowd, played beautifully, made sure they met everyone, and were just genuinely lovely friendly people.

Also, they played "When The Stars Go Blue". Which is a song Tyler sang on the show with one of the main characters, and well, I almost cried.

I'll post some videos I took down below.

A chilled acoustic evening.
Favourite People.
Favourite Venue.

If this is as close to a One Tree Hill reunion as I'm going to get, I think I'm okay with that.

Listening to: Great British Bake Off  (I bloody love this show!)

Tyler Hilton- Kickin My Heels                                                     Tyler Hilton- You'll Ask For Me

Kate Voegele- It's Only Life                                                              Kate Voegele- No Good

Kate Voegele & Tyler Hilton- When The Stars Go Blue